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Beauty Stores: Do You Have A Handle on Customer Loyalty?

All too often, beauty parlor owners rely on walk-ins and personal relationships to build their brand. And don’t get us wrong—there’s nothing wrong with word-of-mouth, in fact, you should keep at it!


Just keep in mind that there’s often a much better and much easier way to keep in contact with the customers that come through your doors. Customer loyalty programs are able to better manage customer data—plus, there are tons of cool automated ways you can grow your business without lifting a finger!


So do you have a handle on your customer loyalty? If not, we’ve got a few tips for you to quickly grow your business!

Getting Started with Customer Loyalty


All you need from your customers to get them signed up is a phone number or email address and permission! Luckily, while some other businesses struggle to get this info, beauty parlors have many easy ways to get a hold of this information.


You can collect contact information at the register when setting up hair or nail appointments—or, automatically collect this information when a customer schedules a hair appointment through your eCommerce program.


Either way, once you get this information, it’s time to get automated and start up a better way to growing your business!

Getting Automated with Customer Loyalty


Now that you’ve got the information you need, it’s time to grow your business!


Using a Growth Marketing toolset like Franpos, you can get to work typing up a few messages that you’ll send out using pre-determined triggers. With Franpos, there are sixteen triggers that help you grow!

These triggers are sent out when certain conditions are met—like when your customers haven’t visited in a few weeks, or when they make a big purchase. They can also be sent on birthdays and anniversaries if you’ve got that information, and they make a big impact on sales!


Plus, if you’re having a slow day or have a stylist on staff who isn’t booked out, you can manually blast out a message to all of your customers, detailing a coupon or flash sale!

Final Thoughts


The point is, there are so many different ways you can grow your business with a Customer Loyalty program. What’s really important is that you take the time to invest in the technologies that can grow your business and pay for themselves many times over!

That’s the goal behind Franpos—to provide you with one software that does everything you need software to do, like manage the time clock, inventory, eCommerce, and Growth Marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in learning more about what a Franpos solution can bring to you, schedule a free demo with us today and see why hundreds of beauty store owners choose Franpos to help them grow!

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