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How Beauty Stores Can Upsell Products

Product upselling is critical for the longevity of most businesses. The same holds true for the beauty industry where products are often paired with services rendered. 

While grocery stores implement product upselling by strategically placing waters, gum, and other quick purchases at the counter for grab and go type of marketingmost product upselling in the beauty industry happens during checkout as the cashier asks, “would you like to purchase a

Let’s go over a few ways beauty salons can upsell products aside from the traditional checkout process. 


During The Service Itself 


During the salon process, when customers are receiving an amazing hairdo, is the perfect time to upsell the products used. 

For example, if the stylist uses an amazing hair protector before applying a blow-dry, the stylist can make a subtle comment such as, “this is the best Hair Protectant we have, it’s super affordable also.” 

A light but leading comment keeps the product at the forefront of the customer’s mind while the product is being applied to their hair. 

After the blow-dry is completed and the customer is happy with how soft their hair is, the stylist can mention, “if you like it, it is only $15.” 

This will keep the customer pondering on purchasing the product well before checkout so that they are not pressured into a more high-stakes sale right at the point of sale. 


Through the Offering of Free Trials 


One of my favorite hairstylists, Brittnay, once gave me a free hair treatment during my salon visit which incentivized me to buy the product once I saw how amazing the results are. 

While she was washing my hair, she said, “I’m going to give you this free treatment so you can try it. 

Not only did that make me love that salon for the amazing courtesy, but my hair felt absolutely amazing after the wash. 

This small gesture is not costly and made the biggest differenceas I later purchased the product. 

Sometimes, customers need to experience it for themselves before purchasing the product. 


By Offering One-Off Discounts 


Throughout any hair salon experience, stylists use tons of professional-grade products that most customers do not have at home. 

To promote an upsell, the stylist can say, “if you like any of these products, I can give you one at a buy-one-get-one 15% off” or a similar one-time discount. 

All customers love discounts, and your ability to provide your client with a subtle discount, during a product up-selling, may increase your chances of redemption. Plus, if your customers purchase the discounted product and fall in love with it, they’ll often return time and time again to re-purchase the product at full cost. 


Final Thoughts 


Product upselling during the checkout process can be stressful, pressuring, and leave customers with a bad taste in their mouth about your store. 

We advise our customers to subtly and strategically upsell products, so your clients do not feel pressured to buy at the last minute. 

We hope this article has been insightful for you, and we wish you the best during your beauty product upselling! 

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