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How to Use Email and Text Message Marketing

Email and text message marketing is commonly used to drive revenues for small businesses. We should know—both are built right into the Franpos point of sale system! 

That’s why we will be focusing on how to utilize these channels to reach your consumers. Without going into the HTML specifics as to how to format these messages, let’s go over how content within these mediums drives sales.  


How to Talk to Your Consumers 


Marketing is the voice of your companyUpholding your brand’s reputation and mission statement is so important when it comes to sending SMS or Email Campaigns.  

You only have one chance to make an impression, and one wrong message can unfortunately destroy the reputation of your business. 

We’re not trying to scare anyone—but it is critical to recognize the importance of perfecting and double-checking your marketing campaigns. 

When it comes to the tone in which you speak to your customers, it needs to be aligned to your branding objectives. 

For example, if you are Chick-fil-A and you are sending out SMS or Email Marketing, you would likely be sure to include commonly used phrases your customer would recognize, like “my pleasure!” 


The tone in which you speak to customers represents your brand 


This means your word choice, connotation, and overall message needs to align with your brand’s mission statement or goals. 

So, if you are an edgy brand such as HoTopic, it is appropriate to use slang, abbreviations, and trending photos or memes to convey your message. 

Let’s break this down further in an example text message for hair and nail salons! 

(For the sake of the example, we’ll assume your customer previously consented to text and email marketing.) 

[Insert Name Here] 

For a limited time only, we are offering 15% off our amazing [Insert Category Here]! 

With any cut/color of your choice, you are eligible for this awesome discount!  

[Insert Salon Name Here] cannot wait to help you look your best! 😊 

Here’s why text messages like the one above tend to drive more customers into stores:


  1. The salon connects to their customers by using their first name. Customers worldwide love any (consensual) personalization that is tied to name usage. 

  2. The message is urgent. The term limited time only drives immediate value and quick impulse bookings. Any customers who were debating services are now further incentivized to do so. 

  3. The message is value-driven. It offers a discount for a low-margin product of choice that incentivizes the customer to drop by the salon. 

  4. The message mentions the name of the Salon. It’s essential to remind customers who the message is coming from and why. 

  5. The message references a beneficial outcome the customer can receive if they stop by. Customers hoping to look their best will be more driven towards this line of messaging.  


In summary, the message is an example of proper marketing because it utilizes personalization, value, the salon name, and an outcome to be expected. 

Broken to down into steps, your messages can be successful with: 

  1. Personalization 

  2. Value for the customer 

  3. Reinforcement of your Brand  

  4. Customer Outcome 


By utilizing this formula, you can maximize branding communications through various channels, and reap the benefits. Happy customers receiving value equals happy reoccurring customers.  

With practice, you can accurately communicate your value to your customers in a manner that works best for your brand.  

Over time, your customers will expect these exciting messages and eventually become loyal to your brand. 

Once again—personalize, add value, reinforce your brand, and provide an outcome for your customers! 




Franpos believes in this marketing formula, and it is something we implement with our clients! Feel free to use the above example as well—we’re confident it’ll help with your brand! 

If you would like to dive deeper into various ways to connect to your customers, you may book a free consultation with one of our marketing representatives here. 

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